• Non-stop automatic 3D scanning of a variety of samples
  • 24 sample positions
  • High capacity (24) requiring less operator interaction
  • Always accessible (outside shielded area)
  • Replace scanned samples anytime without interrupting the ongoing scans.
  • Individual scan protocol for every sample
  • Automatic and operator-selected protocols can be used
  • Easy installation
  • Simple mounting / dismounting by operator.

Sample Changer Summary

Outside x-ray chamber

Simple to install

Overnight runs

Elegant design

Easy to Use

Fast and quiet




  • Cooling and heating in a wide temperature range for large object volumes
  • Cooling and heating
  • One single accessory for temperature control above and below ambient temperature
  • -40°C below ambient up to +120°C
  • A wide range of temperatures can be applied
  • Thermal stability for large volumes
  • 25W Peltier heatpump keeps objects up to several cubic cm at a selected temperature
  • No additional cables required
  • Connection through slip rings embedded in NeoScan systems

Thermal Stage Summary

Single accessory heating & cooling

-40°C below ambient up to +120°C

Thermal stability for large volumes

No additional cables required


  • In-situ scanning under high forces
  • Compression and tensile
  • A single accessory for scanning during force-controlled experiments
  • +1000N compression, -1000N tension
  • Controlled high loads can be applied with accurate force and displacement measurements
  • Large sample volume
  • Up to 22mm object diameter, up to 33mm start compression length
  • No additional cables requires
  • Connection through slip rings embedded in Neoscan systems

Compression and Tensile Stage Summary

A single accessory for scanning

+1000N compression -1000N tension

Large sample volume

No additional cables