The NEOSCAN N70 is based on newly developed key components, such as a microfocus permanently sealed smaller than 5 micrometer spot size and Integrated beam repositioning system ensures a long lifetime of the source.

The 20W source power leads to reduction of the scanning time and an improvement in signal-to-noise ratioX-ray source and a large-format flat CMOS detector bonded to a radiation hardened fibre optic plate.  

The N70 includes an integrated micro-positioning stage with 10mm travel on top of the object rotation assembly for exact sample positioning or for selection of the scanning volume of interest inside big samples. 

The N70 has a specially designed precision electromechanical manipulator, new electronics with micro-stepping drives, and integrated software package for scanning, reconstruction, visualization and processing of obtained results.

7MP Flat panel Detector
100 kV X-Ray Source
<5 um spatial resolution
Ultra Fast Reconstruction
Maximum 220 mm object length
Protection from Radiation Damage
High 20W Maximum Power
12 position automatic filter changer
Unlimited free software licences
210 kg weight

N70 Summary

7MP Flatpanel Detector

2.5um Pixel Size

Fits objects up to 100mm x 220mm 

Benchtop Design