The Neoscan N80 is the most advanced and highest performing benchtop, Micro-CT available.  The design is built from the groud up with a new high power, 110 kV transmission X-ray source, large sample chamber, ultra fast software and a new radiation protected X-ray camera.

These new features enable sub micron pixel size at maximum magnification with the possibility of phase contrast retrieval and low contrast resolution of 2 um (15 x better 3D resolution when compared to a standard microCT with standard 5 um spot size).

A unique movable target and radiation protected X-ray camera allows the system a long lifetime.

Neoscan N80 Micro-CT
7Mp FP or 16 MP CCD
110kV X-Ray Source
2um spatial resolution
Ultra Fast Reconstruction
Max 200mm object length
Protection from Radiation Damage
16W Power
<0.5 um (CCD) pixel size at maximum resolution
20 position automatic filter changer
Unlimited free software licences
Integrated micro-positioning stage

N80 Summary

2 um Spatial Resolution

Radiation Protected Camera

110 kV Transmission Source

Benchtop Design

Fits objects up to 200mm x 100mm

CCD or Flat Panel detector